We focus on creating real relationships with God. 
 Come be a part of our growing church and family in Christ.

 Visit one of our Sunday Gatherings 4:00 P.M. 5492 South River Dr, Manotick

OUR MISSION - Why do we exist as a church?

To Meet the needs of the people around us: in our church, our community, our city and beyond. 

To Create a loving, caring, joyful environment to worship the Lord. 

To Challenge ourselves and others to become fully connected, devoted and mature followers of Jesus

OUR VISION - What do we see as our impact on the community?

We see a time where everyone who lives in our community (Manotick and surrounding area) has been impacted by God’s love, shared by our members who, in every way, authentically reflect the transforming power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in our lives.

OUR VALUES - What do we care about?

  • the gospel of Jesus Christ and its transforming power to renew us and the community around us 
  • the presence of the Holy Spirit manifest in our midst 
  • the divine inspiration of the Bible and its entire trustworthiness and supreme authority in all matters of faith and conduct 
  • celebrating the Lord’s Supper in every Sunday service as a reminder of our Lord’s death and resurrection and anticipation of His glorious return in the future 
  • becoming deeply passionate worshipers of God in spirit and in truth 
  • being people who believe fully in the power of prayer and endeavor to make it a central part of our consciousness, teaching and practice 
  • being a deeply interconnected body of believers who live life together, not just on Sundays but everyday though smaller gatherings and regular communication 
  • being on mission for and with Jesus Christ, reaching out to love the community around us welcoming all people with compassion and empathy no matter what their state when they arrive 
  • being a safe place where anyone who has been hurt - by the world or even by the church - can come and find healing 
  • generously sharing the resources, time and talents that God has provided to us 
  • equipping and encouraging each and every believer to serve the body and the world through the use of their spiritual gifts 
  • collaborating with other churches and socially minded organizations